12 Ways To Find Free Toys For Christmas

Now that December is almost here, many charities are preparing to make the holidays special for low-income families in 2022. Here is a list of groups that are giving away Free Toys For Christmas to kids in need this holiday season to help you out if you find yourself in a tight spot.

Deadlines are approaching, so if you need assistance this year, please get in touch soon.

You may be eligible to participate in one of these organizations below that help financially struggling families get free Christmas toys for their kids.

Contact one of these organizations if you and your family are in a position to help, and you might be able to donate free toys or provide other forms of assistance.

Some Organizations That Give Free Toys For Christmas

  1. Toys for Tots

The Marine Toys for Tots Program has been giving free Christmas toys to less fortunate children for decades.

To be considered for a Christmas toy giveaway, applications can be submitted online.

Most counties and local charity groups have a Toys for Tots campaign. You need to contact your nearest Salvation Army or military installation for information on any type of free assistance programs that they can provide this year.

Registration for the giveaway of gifts will usually take place in September, October, or November.

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  1. Salvation Army

The Salvation Army often provided millions of people assistance each year, including free Christmas toys, games, cards, and more. Many of us immediately think of the bright red kettles and tinkling bells that are associated with the Rescue Christmas program.

Not only do monetary contributions go toward helping those in need find safe refuge and nutritious food, but they also fund the Salvation army angel tree Program, in which generous individuals buy presents for the children listed as “angels” on a Christmas tree.

If you are interested in applying, you can begin the application process online or get in touch with your local chapter.

  1. Angel Tree program

“Children who have a parent serving time in jail or prison spend their entire childhoods questioning whether or not their parent still loves them. Through the use of the Salvation Army Angel Tree, you have the opportunity to show them that they do!

Through a program run by Prison Fellowship Angel tree, the love of Christ is shown to the children and families of prison inmates. Through participation in this one-of-a-kind program, you will have the chance to provide free toys for Christmas to families of prison inmates.

Hosting an Angel Tree Program at your Church or Business Help Children Get Free Toys  

Donate to Angel Tree The Family Giving Tree How to Sign Up for the Angel Tree Free Christmas Toy Program How to Get Christmas Assistance with Bills Food Assistance for the Holidays Charities That Offer Free Toys For Christmas Because so many families need help, many of these agencies distribute toys and presents on a first-come, first-served basis.

Therefore, October is the time to register your children to receive free toys.  The sooner you register with one of these charities, the better your chance of getting a free Christmas toy.

  1. Black Girl Beauty Foundation

Throughout the holiday season, this organization provides free Christmas toys and cheer to needy families in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Swansea, South Carolina, and Atlanta, Georgia.

You can sign up for the state’s holiday giving event by visiting their registration page.

  1. USPS Operation Santa

Children from all over the United States write thousands of letters to Santa Claus and send them to him via the United States Postal Service each year.

Any letter written to a certain North Pole address will be published online so that anyone can read it and choose a letter writer to buy gifts for.

  1. Operation Homefront

The Holiday Toy Drive organized by Operation Homefront is a wonderful way to brighten the holidays for military families.

Start by creating an account for yourself. If you are qualified to participate in the event, a notification about it will show up on your Dashboard, where you will also be able to register for it. Also, make sure you check the events calendar frequently to see what’s going on in your area.

  1. Catholic Churches

Families in need of assistance can receive Christmas assistance from Catholic Charities; the services provided by local offices are based on the requirements of the communities in which they are located.

Visit the national website of these Catholic Charities and look for the chapel closest to you, and get in touch with them to get the assistance you require.

  1. United Way

Local United Way offices put in a lot of effort to make sure that the holiday season is a happy one for all families.

Enter your zip code into the search bar to find your local chapter, and then get in touch with them for more information. This will allow you to get assistance.

  1. Santa’s Little Helpers

The goal of this Reddit group is to provide Christmas presents for people who might not otherwise be able to afford them.

If you have a Reddit account and you want to apply, you must first create an Amazon wish list with items that add up to less than $100, then fill out an application, and finally, if you are accepted, you must write a post explaining your requirements to the community.

  1. Food Bank

Check with your neighborhood food bank for a list of local organizations, like schools, libraries, fire departments, and police departments, that are holding free toy drives this holiday season.

  1. Lion’s Club Christmas Assistance

“Lions Clubs International has been working to better their communities through a variety of different projects and programs for close to a century now. The way in which each club helps its community is unique.

It’s possible that a Lions club in your community or one nearby sponsors Christmas toy programs that help people pay for things like eyeglasses or hearing aids, as well as health-related services, scholarships, or educational necessities.

Every year, they also contribute to free Christmas toy giving. Get in touch with Lion’s Club in Charlotte two months before Christmas and ask for assistance. All assistance is provided depending on the available funds as well as the assistance of volunteers.

  1. Make A Wish Foundation

The organization “Make-A-Wish” works to grant the wishes of terminally ill children by granting them the experiences of their dreams.

Assistance in the form of financial aid is made available all through the year by this foundation to children and teenagers in the age range of two to eighteen. In addition, during the holiday season, they help these children by giving away free Christmas toys.

If your child is seriously ill and has the wish to fulfill this Christmas, please contact the Make a Wish Foundation.

Reuse Websites

Toys can be found on websites where people give away things they no longer need, so even if you can’t get help from assistance programs you can still save money this Christmas. In most cases, you’ll need to arrange a local pick-up time and place with the donor through one of these sites.

  • Freecycle

Freecycle is a worldwide network of individuals without financial motives who share a common goal of reducing landfill waste.

Members of the website post items they want to donate to charity or give away for free in regional groups. In the past, people have listed things on Freecycle that they no longer wanted, such as swing sets, bicycles, and play kitchens.

  • Curb Stuff

Curb Stuff is a website like Freecycle where people can post their unwanted items, such as toys, for others to take. The website is also segmented into local groups, and you will likely have to arrange to pick up the toy in person from the person who donated it.

  • Craigslist

While Craigslist is best known as a place to buy and sell goods, find employment, and locate new places to live, it also features a free section where users can distribute items like toys to anyone interested. Visit the local Craigslist page for your area and click the “Free” link under the “For Sale” heading to see what’s being given away.

Toy Swaps

To get free toys, you can also organize a toy swap with other parents in the area. You could send out an invitation to the parents of the children in the neighborhood asking them to bring any toys that their children no longer need but which are still in playable condition.

If you have enough people sign up, you’ll end up with a lot of toys that can be enjoyed by kids of different ages. One of these items may be the ideal present for your son or daughter after a quick scrub, a coat of paint, or a bow is added to it.

You can find a virtual version of this service, Toy-Cycle if you don’t know any parents in your immediate surroundings. However, after the initial free 30-day trial, continued use of the site will cost you about $2 per month.

You can also look for options like bargain shopping and contests that offer free toy giveaways for Christmas.

Gifts Aren’t Everything

Sure, it’s nice to give your kids some free toys for Christmas, but remember that even if they don’t get a whole roomful of presents, they’ll still have a wonderful time. Toys are just one part of what can make the holidays special for children.

It’s not just about the presents at Christmas; activities like baking cookies, singing carols, going to church, and making a snowman are all beloved traditions that can be a great free Christmas surprise present you can give your kids.

What Is The Process For Donating Toys For Christmas?

There are a few different ways to donate toys for Christmas. You could either donate new or used toys to a charity or organization, or you could give them to a family in need.

Free toy giveaway near me

Some Christmas program that accepts toy donations include Toys for Tots, the Salvation Army, and Goodwill. You can also call your local social services office or homeless shelter to see if they’re in need of toy donations. Families in need can usually be found through churches, schools, community centers, or social service agencies.

If you’re interested in donating toys for Christmas, your best bet is to do some research on local charities and organizations that accept toy donations. You can also check out websites like Charity Navigator and GuideStar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I apply to receive free toys for my family?

There are a few ways that you can go about receiving free toys for your family during the Christmas season. Here are a few suggestions:-

  1. Contact your local toy store or department store and ask if they are giving away any promotional items or free gifts with purchase. Many stores offer this type of promotion in order to attract more customers during the holiday season.
  2. Look online for free toy giveaways. There are many websites that offer free toys as prizes, and all you have to do is enter a contest or sweepstakes.
  3. Check with your local children’s hospital or orphanage. These institutions often receive donations of new toys from individuals or companies during the holiday season, and they may be happy to distribute

What are the eligibility requirements for receiving free toys?

There are a few eligibility requirements in order to receive free toys for Christmas. First is that you must be a child who is living in poverty. Additionally, the child’s family must reside within the jurisdiction of one of the participating toy distribution agencies. Finally, each child is only allowed to receive one toy, so parents are encouraged to select an agency that is closest to their home.

How can I ensure my donation will go to a family in need?

There are a few ways you can ensure your donation will go to a family in need this Christmas. Many organizations, such as free toys for Christmas, allow donors to specify the family they would like their donation to go.

You can also donate toys directly to families who are in need. This is a great option if you want to see firsthand where your donation is going. Finally, many local churches and charities offer toy drives during the holiday season. These toy drives provide families in need with new, unwrapped toys for Christmas. If you’re looking for a way to help out this holiday season, donating toys is a great option!

What are some tips for donating toys for Christmas?

There are many ways that you can donate toys for Christmas. One way is to donate new, unwrapped toys to a local charity or church. Your local Salvation Army or Goodwill may also be collecting toy donations. You could also give money to a charity so that they can buy new toys for children in need.

Another great way to donate toys is through a toy drive. You can start your own toy drive or participate in one that’s already happening in your community.

How can I find more information about organizations that give free toys for Christmas?

There are a few great options for finding free Christmas toys. One option is to look for organizations that give Christmas toys. These organizations often have directories on their websites where you can search for local programs near you. You can also call your local Salvation Army or other charity organization such as toys for tots and ask if they run toy drives during the holiday season.

Another great option is to look for stores that offer free toy giveaways around Christmas time. Some of the most common stores that do this are Toys R Us, Walmart, and Target. Just be sure to check their website or call the store to make sure they are doing a giveaway before you go!


If you are looking for a way to give back this Christmas, or if you have children who would love some new toys to open on Christmas morning, there are plenty of organizations that will be more than happy to accept your donations. Please consider reaching out to one of these groups and see how you can help make the holidays a little brighter for less fortunate families.

And don’t forget – applications for free gifts in 2022 are already open!

The organizations listed above are just some of the many places where you can get free Christmas presents and toys. For more information, go to the organization’s website to look for the contact form, which includes information like email, phone, and address.

If you know anyone who might be interested in applying, please share this article with them. We wish everyone a very happy holiday season!

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