Can You Use Bluetooth On A Plane?

Headphones have become such an important thing, especially when we are traveling. Are you wondering if you can take your headphones with you on a plane? As we already know we cannot use our mobile phones when we are on a plane. But can you use Bluetooth on an airplane? Or are there any restrictions on using the Bluetooth in a plane as well?

We are going to answer all these questions of yours in this blog. To answer it quickly, you can use your Bluetooth on a plane. But there are certain restrictions to using it. Keep reading to know it all. I

The FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration) And Bluetooth

According to the FAA, using Bluetooth or any other wireless device on an airplane is not allowed. The regulations of the FAA suggest that all telephones, electronic devices, and Wi-Fi devices must be switched off during takeoff as well as landing.

That means any device that makes use of radio waves like Bluetooth headphones should be turned off when you’re on a plane.

But recently, the FAA has been a little less rigid and provided some relaxation regarding the usage of Bluetooth. It has permitted some particular kinds of Bluetooth devices in the airplane and it should not interfere with the communication system and operations of the aircraft.

The main motive behind providing this relaxation regarding Bluetooth was to make the inflight experience better. That means, the passengers can watch movies, and series, and listen to music using their headphones on an airplane. But they must use it carefully and responsibly.

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The TSA  (Transportation Security Administration) And Bluetooth

The TSA also gives some rules and regulations for the use of Bluetooth devices on the airplane.  According to the TSA, all Bluetooth devices must be turned off and kept in such a way that does not hinder the security and safety procedures of the aircraft.

The passengers must turn off their Bluetooth devices before boarding a plane. Also, any kind of Bluetooth device must not be used at the time of the screening process as well.

Moreover, the passengers must follow the airline’s policies while using Bluetooth on an airplane. Certain airlines permit using Bluetooth whereas some others don’t. That’s why you must check the policies regarding Bluetooth before booking a flight.

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Is Bluetooth Allowed On Planes?

The short and quick answer to this is yes, you can use Bluetooth headphones on airplanes. But the condition is, that it must not interfere with the communication system of the aircraft.  Bluetooth works on a 2.4 GHz frequency, the same frequency is used by other wireless devices as well.

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However, Bluetooth devices generally have a limited range as compared to various other wireless devices. This minimizes the risk of any kind of interference in the airplane.  So yes, using Bluetooth earbuds on a plane is safe.

How To Use Bluetooth Headphones On A Plane?

Bluetooth on an airplane can make your inflight experience much more entertaining and less boring. But how to use Bluetooth headphones on a plane? The following are the steps you need to follow to use your Bluetooth in a plane.

  • Turn on the Bluetooth of your wireless headphones.
  • Keep them in the pairing mode. To do so, bold the power button for a few seconds until you see a light.
  • Then, visit the in-flight entertainment system and then go to the Bluetooth settings. Look for the available devices and then choose your headphones from the given list.
  • Then, the system might ask you for a pairing code that is usually offered in the user manual of your headphones.
  • Once your headphones get connected, then check the quality of sound as well as the volume to check if they work properly or not.

By adhering to these steps, you can easily and quickly connect your Bluetooth headphones and use them on an airplane.

What Rules Need To Be Followed While Using Bluetooth On A Plane?

There are always some rules and regulations that you are required to follow while traveling on a plane. These rules are important as they ensure the safety of the passengers on the plane.

So, as a responsible passenger, you are required to adhere to the following rules :-

  • Put Your Devices On Airplane Mode

As soon as you sit on your seat and the seatbelt sign is off, you need to turn off all your devices or you can put it on airplane mode. This mode disables all wireless communications but you can still use Bluetooth on your device in airplane mode. That means you can enjoy your flight without interfering with the communication system of the plane.

You must be wondering if you can use your Bluetooth headphones at the time of take-off and landing, right? Several airlines have a policy to turn off all electronic devices including Bluetooth during landing and takeoff.  You must follow this rule as it is the most important phase of a flight.



  • In-flight Entertainment Systems

Some planes already come with entertainment systems that support Bluetooth connectivity. But, not all the flights have entertainment systems. That’s why it is always a good idea to check if they offer Bluetooth connectivity or not. Or you can keep a wired Bluetooth with you as an option.

  • Respect The Cabin Crew

Do not disrespect the cabin crew. Always try to listen to their instructions and make sure to follow them. If they order you to turn off your devices or Bluetooth, then do it quickly without any delay. After all, it is for your safety purposes only.

  • Battery Life Matters

When you are going on a long journey, make sure to fully charge your Bluetooth devices. However, some planes have charging ports, but it is always better to charge your devices fully and keep a power bank with you.

What Are The Rules Of Different Airlines Related To The Use of Bluetooth Devices?

Other than the common rules that need to be followed on a flight, different airlines have their own set of rules that need to be followed.

Here is a list of rules of different airlines.

  • Delta Airlines

This is one of the most popular airlines in the USA. It allows the passengers to enjoy their favorite shows, movies, and music using Bluetooth earphones. But the condition is that you must put your phone on airplane mode first. Without turning off airplane mode you are not permitted to use your Bluetooth device.

  • United Airlines

United Airlines allows flight attendants to use Bluetooth in airplane mode on the flights that operate in the USA. Whereas the use of Bluetooth is prohibited on flights between the USA and other international locations.

Moreover, you can use Bluetooth devices only above 10,000 feet in any location outside the USA.

  • Air India

Air India permits passengers to use Bluetooth headphones but with some limitations. You are only allowed to use the earphones when the aircraft reaches 10,000 feet. Also, the battery of your Bluetooth must be removable. In addition to this, you can only use Bluetooth with the plane’s wifi.

  • British Airways

British Airways lets you use Bluetooth headphones at the time of flying. But you can not use the Bluetooth while taking off and landing.

  • Lufthansa

And the next airline is Lufthansa, which permits passengers to use Bluetooth headphones on airplanes. That means, you are free to use your Bluetooth headphones and can pass your time when you are on a flight.

  • Spirit Airlines

This airline is also a Bluetooth-friendly airline. That means you are free to use Bluetooth headphones in it. It permits small devices that are less than 2 lbs to be used during takeoff, landing, and all the other phases. Moreover, larger devices like laptops can be used only when the plane is above 10,000 feet.

Conclusion :-

That’s the end of our article on the questions “Can You Use Bluetooth On A Plane”, ” Can I Use Wireless Headphones On A Plane” etc. We think you got all your answers after reading this blog. To conclude, using Bluetooth is allowed on planes as long as it does not interfere with the communication system of the aircraft.

Also, different airlines have different regulations that need to be followed strictly. If you are using Bluetooth on an airplane, then you must listen to the crew members in case they ask you to stop using it. All in all, you can use Bluetooth on an airplane but responsibly.

Do you have any other doubts or confusion? Feel free to talk to us about the same. We will try to answer each question of yours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bluetooth Headphones Work In Airplane Mode?

Yes, definitely! Bluetooth devices work quite well in airplane mode. When you put your device on Bluetooth mode, it turns off all the functions. But, you can easily enable the Bluetooth again after putting your device on airplane mode. This way, you can easily enjoy your flight by listening to music and watching movies.

But make sure to keep mobile data and wifi off.

Does Delta Airlines Allow the Use of Bluetooth Headphones?

Yes, Delta Airlines allows passengers to use Bluetooth headphones. But you are required to put your phone on airplane mode first. And you must follow all the instructions given by the cabin crew.

Is Cell Phone Allowed On Planes?

Yes, you can take your cell phone with you on the plane, but you are not allowed to use it. If you want to use it, then you can only use it in airplane mode to listen to music or watch anything.

Can I Use Bluetooth On Data?

No, using data is not allowed on the planes, that’s why you cannot use Bluetooth on data. However, you can still use Bluetooth for watching movies and listening to music.

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