Can You Bring Mini Bottles Of Alcohol On A Plane?

You’re sitting on a plane, reserving your aisle seat, not so heartily. And there starts the crying banter of this right behind you. Now, all you need is a few sips of gin and tonic to blur out these noises and the noise in your head. But as you think of it, the very next thought that comes to your mind is the sky-high prices leaving below your plane at 36,000 ft. in the sky.

This can be a little disheartening to experience. Now that you are not in a place to buy yourself alcohol on the plane itself, you think of an alternative- Can you bring mini bottles of alcohol on a plane? If yes, that would be a way out of all the chaos on that plane, isn’t it?

The magnificent sight of refreshments really gets you every time you look at them strolling through the aircraft’s aisle. But, sadly, you can’t do much to get it in your hands. Having those meals and alcohol sips can cause you more chaos than you are in right now. Thus, we suggest you read this article and find out if can you bring mini bottles of alcohol on a plane or not.

Whether or not can you bring alcohol on a plane, it is necessary that you are familiar with the guidelines and rules set by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). hang on till the end and find out all your answers regarding airplane alcohol bottles ranging from Can you bring alcohol shooters on a plane to alcohol liquor bottle size.

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 Can I Bring Mini Bottles Of Alcohol On A Plane?

Alright, sorry to keep you waiting. Here you go- let’s get over the suspense- Yes, according to TSA guidelines, you can take those mini-shooters of alcohol on a plane. Now you must be wondering what it would look like to have a little party on board. Unfortunately, this dream of yours cannot be fulfilled due to the restrictions put up by the airline authorities. According to them, a passenger can only take bottles of alcohol but cannot open them. The only consumption of alcohol on a plane is that of the alcohol served by the airline. Read on to know more.

What Does TSA Say On Bringing Mini Bottles Of Alcohol On A Plane?

In the United States, though there are several relaxations on things that you can do on a plane, there are certain things strictly prohibited. The Transportation Security Administration has precisely mentioned in its guidelines of TSA rules for alcohol.

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Talking about packaging and carrying alcohol with you on a flight, the TSA has put up some rules for the passengers. So, if you’ve been asking – Can you bring mini bottles of alcohol on a plane, there is more to just a ‘yes’. As a general rule, alcohols above 24% by volume and those below 70% by volume are allowed to be carried on a plane. These can be carried in either the cabin bag or the checked-in bag, but in limited quantities.

As an indication, you can carry those nips along with you. But the only catch here is that you won’t be able to consume it while on the plane. Among this, the quantity of alcohol is also regulated. Speaking of which takes us to another question- how many mini bottles you can take on a plane?

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TSA has not essentially specified the number of bottles that you can carry. Rather, the size and quantity of the alcohol is mentioned in the rules. According to the guidelines, you can carry around 3.4 ounces(100ml) of bottles. That is, the size of a container should not exceed this limit.

However, the total amount goes by the 3-1-1 rule for the carry-on bag. The passenger can only take one quart-sized bag of liquids. For checked-in bags, there are no limits to the quantity of alcohol that you carry. The only thing you need to make sure of is that any container exceeding 5 liters of liquid should be packed in a separate approved box or container.

In addition to these rules, the passengers are also not allowed to carry any alcoholic beverages on any planes operated under Part 121 or 135 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. Thus, make sure you check which aircraft you’re traveling in. You can find more details on the official website of TSA.

Packing Your Liquor

The packaging of any item that you take on a plane has a significant role in your and other’s security. Special attention is paid to how such things are packed and being carried on a plane. Now that we know that you can carry alcohol with you on a plane without much hassle, let us understand the packaging rules. You’re officially down asking the question- can you bring mini bottles of alcohol on a plane?

The containers should be properly packed and labeled. The containers should be sealed for starters and should be put in a hazard-approved box. The alcohol should not exceed 70% for any bottle. To get something stronger than a beer, spirit, or wine, make sure the container is factory-sealed.

Conclusion :-

Now that you have all the answers to your question- Can you bring mini bottles of alcohol on a plane, we are good to wrap this up. So, at the end of it, yes, you can carry alcohol mini bottles on a plane. However, you cannot open or consume these bottles while you’re on the plane. If you found this space helpful, let us hear it.

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