Best Honda Civic Lease $59 Only [Special Offer]

Are you looking for a car lease? Here is the best Honda Civic Lease for $59 only with a special offer for everyone. There are plenty of reasons to lease a car over buying one, even if you’re planning on keeping it as long as possible (or even the full length of your lease). In this article, we’ll go over 16 of the most important ones.

With lease options available as low as $59 per month, there are tons of great reasons to lease a Honda Civic. In this article, we’ll go over 16 of the best benefits of leasing your next Honda Civic, and hopefully, you’ll be on your way in no time!

If you’re in the market for a new car, you’ve probably considered leasing instead of buying so that you can drive more expensive models without breaking the bank.

But how much does it cost to lease a Honda Civic? With these 16 compelling reasons why leasing a Honda Civic is the best way to go, you might find it’s not just your budget that recommends this economical yet high-quality car!

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The Best $59 Honda Civic Lease Deals

  • With a lease, you don’t have to worry about buying a car at the end of your contract like you would if you bought it outright.
  • With leasing, there’s not as much risk or anxiety associated with making a large purchase as there would be with buying an expensive vehicle.
  • You can choose whether or not you want a brand-new car when your lease expires by choosing an early buyout option that lets you buy your leased car before the end of its term at a predetermined price.

2021 Honda Civic LX Sedan Lease Deals

This all-new 2021 Honda Civic LX Auto Sedan in Crystal Black Pearl has a lease deal of just $89 per month for 36 months, but you’ll have to sign a down payment of-$2021.

If you’re not sure how to take care of your car, this is a great option as it includes scheduled maintenance and roadside assistance. Here you can see also the option for 6 months car lease with no deposit.

Honda 2.0 LX Coupe

The 2018 Honda Civic LX 2.0 Coupe has a lease term length of 36 months, with a $2599 due at signing and an MSRP of $2168.

This makes it a great car for someone who wants to keep their payments low and doesn’t want any mileage restrictions.

Plus, you can swap out cars every three years without penalty, which means if you’re not happy with your car after 36 months, you can trade it in for something else!

Honda 1.5T EX Coupe

  • Term length 36 months, Due at signing $2899, MSRP $24230.
  • No money down and no credit check!
  • 24/7 roadside assistance and vehicle locator service.
  • Free maintenance with every scheduled appointment.
  • 12 months or 15,000 miles of complimentary basic coverage from AIS accident insurance services.
  • Fixed monthly payments for new car ownership without any surprises.

Honda 1.5T EX-L Sedan

Benefits of leasing a $59 Honda Civic include a 3a 6-month term, $2999 due at signing, and $25630 MSRP.

Many other benefits come with leasing a car such as no down payment, no credit check, low monthly payments, and more.

A lease offers all the benefits of buying a car without any hassles or worries and it can be perfect for someone who doesn’t want to worry about maintaining their vehicle.

Honda 1.5T Touring Sedan

You can get even better deals if you choose a bigger and more expensive car. For example, some dealerships will offer leasing programs for cars like the Honda 1.5T Touring Sedan with an MSRP of around $28,330.

These more expensive cars are more likely to cost more than their actual value after 3 years when you return them, so it’s still in your best interest to negotiate with your dealership.

However, you may want to consider getting a new vehicle instead if that’s what you prefer; there are many factors involved in deciding whether leasing or buying makes more sense for you!

16 Reasons Why The $59 Honda Civic Is The Best Car To Lease

Honda civic lease no money down

  1. Low Monthly Payments

The $59 Honda Civic lease offer is available through May 31st and will have your payments be as low as possible. With a lease, you’ll only be responsible for paying the difference between the sticker price and the value of your vehicle at the lease’s end.

Plus, there are no sales taxes on a lease! And with low monthly payments of just $189/mo for 36 months, this deal can’t be beaten! A leasing program also means that you don’t need to worry about selling your old car before upgrading.

Plus, leasing offers more freedom than buying because if you’re not happy with your current lease after three years, you can always choose a new model!

After all, it’s not every day that we see deals like these – so take advantage while you still can!

  1. Low Down Payment

Most leases require a down payment of no more than 10%.  That’s considerably less than most car loans.  On an auto loan, you’ll need to borrow about $28,000 from your lender to buy that same car.

And with financing rates as high as 7% or 8%, it can take months just to pay off that loan.

  1. No Security Deposit

No Security Deposit or Down Payment. Monthly payments of just $59 per month. You can also choose a 3-year lease that gives you an annual percentage rate (APR) as low as 0%.

With a 7-year lease, your APR will be 1% higher than with a 3-year lease, but you’ll pay less in monthly installments. If you want, they’ll send you an email every six months reminding you when your car’s lease expires!

  1. No Mileage Limits

A lease, as opposed to a purchase or financing of a vehicle, has no mileage limits. You can use your car as much as you want without worrying about a high monthly payment or increasing depreciation.

Additionally, in some states with tough emissions standards, leasing might be the only way to get into a new car. With all these benefits and more, it’s clear that leasing is truly worth looking into if you’re in the market for a new car.

  1. No Early Termination Fee

The best thing about this lease is that there’s no early termination fee. This means that you can get out of it any time you want.

Plus, this lease has a low down payment and monthly payments are affordable. You’ll be able to experience driving a new car without having to pay for it in full upfront.

  1. You Can Lease For As Long As You Want

Leasing a car can be a smart way to go, especially if you want a new car but don’t have enough money in your budget for it.

With leasing, you can get a brand-new car every 2 or 3 years without having to worry about the high down payment or trade-in value.

Plus, if you make the lease payments on time and follow all of the rules set by your leasing company, you won’t have any extra fees tacked onto your monthly payments. All of that sounds good so far!

  1. You Can Choose Any Car You Want

  • The car has a great reputation for being reliable and long-lasting.
  • The car is affordable.
  • It’s compact, so it’s easy to park and maneuver in small spaces.
  • It has plenty of room for passengers in the back seat without compromising space for front seat passengers.
  • You can customize your lease with additional features like heated seats or a navigation system.
  1. You Can Get A Brand-New Car

If you’re looking for a cheap car lease, then this offer from Honda could be perfect for you. The best part? You won’t have to break the bank to get behind the wheel of a new car.

The 2017 Honda Civic will cost you just $59 per month with an initial down payment of just $500. And there are plenty of incentives and rebates available if you purchase your lease through a participating dealer.

Plus, when it comes time for your lease to end, there’s no worry about finding someone else who wants it because it’s only worth around $3-$5K.

  1. Ignoring Maintenance

The best thing about leasing a car for $59 a month is that you don’t have to worry about maintenance. You just have to worry about gas, insurance, and regular wear and tear.

Plus, when it’s time to trade in your leased car, you can trade it in and get credit toward a brand-new car!

  1. You Have The Option To Buy The Car At The End Of The Lease

Leasing a car may seem like an inconvenience, but it can provide many benefits. You get a new car every few years with no down payment, no maintenance costs, and you don’t have to worry about depreciation.

Plus, leasing allows you to buy your leased vehicle at the end of your lease term for just a few thousand dollars more than its original value.

You get a new car every few years without worrying about depreciation or having to find financing for a down payment. You don’t have any maintenance costs and only pay for fuel.

  1. You Can Trade In The Car For A New One

You’ll never have to worry about depreciation or paying for wear and tear. If you don’t like your car, you can trade it in for a new one every three years.

You won’t have to worry about finding a parking spot or getting dinged by careless drivers. You’ll be given a loaner when your car’s in the shop, so you’ll always be able to get where you’re going without being inconvenienced.

  1. You Can Return The Car At The End Of The Lease

A lease can be a good option if you’re looking for an affordable, reliable car and don’t need it for longer than three years. When you lease a car, you’ll have lower monthly payments because your car’s depreciation is not included in your payment.

Plus, when your lease ends, you can return the car at any time and negotiate a new deal with the dealership or go into leasing another one.

A leased car will have all its maintenance taken care of by the dealer while you own it so you’ll never have to worry about an unexpected repair bill coming up!

  1. There Are No Hidden Fees

There are no hidden fees. The price you see online is the price you’ll pay when you’re done with your lease. There’s no APR, no down payment, and no maintenance fee.

  1. The Process Is Simple And Easy

  • You get a car without a down payment or trade-in.
  • The monthly payments are affordable.
  • You don’t have to pay for gas, insurance, or maintenance on your car during the lease period.
  • If you want to buy the car at the end of the lease, there’s no need to worry about trading in your old vehicle; Honda will take it back and give you an allowance for its value!
  1. You Can Get A Car With All The Features You Want

$59 a month with no money down and no trade-in required. Plus, you can get a car with all the features you want.

The lease only lasts 36 months, so that means this offer only applies to those of us who don’t plan on driving our cars past 3 years old.

If you want something newer than that, then look elsewhere as this offer does not apply for new cars or used cars that are more than three years old.

  1. You Can Get A Car With The Latest Technology

With a lease, you can get a car with the latest technology. For example, many new cars come with lane departure warnings and blind spot monitoring features.

You don’t have to worry about too much wear and tear either because your lease will end before any major problems start happening.

Plus, with a lease, you’ll know exactly what your monthly payments are going to be which takes all of the guesswork out of it.


If you’re looking for a reliable car with great gas mileage, make sure you check out the Honda Civic! It’s a great option for someone who wants to go green and save some money at the same time.

The 2018 model has more power and better fuel efficiency than previous models. Plus, it’s not too expensive, which means you can save a lot of cash by leasing it over buying it outright.

No matter what your driving needs are or what kind of lifestyle you lead, this car will work for you. With four-door options and an affordable price tag, anyone can afford this great deal!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are your reasons for leasing a car?

Leasing a car is an excellent way to drive a new vehicle without paying the sticker price. If you want to own the car at the end of the lease term, most leases offer a purchase option that allows you to buy it for a fair market value based on how many miles you’ve driven and your final payment amount.

What if I want to buy my leased vehicle?

You can purchase your leased vehicle at any time during the lease term for an agreed-upon amount determined by your credit union.

What does my monthly payment include?

Your monthly payment includes payments for interest on your loan and any insurance premiums or other charges that you pay as part of your lease agreement.

What happens when I am done with my lease?

At the end of your lease term, you will be required to either return the vehicle to us or enter into a new lease agreement. Any money owed on your original purchase price will be settled at this point.

How do I go about renewing my lease?

You can contact the dealer at any time after the start of your initial lease term and they will set up a time for you to come in for renewal.

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