How To Get A Free Refrigerator For Low-Income Families?

Low-income families in need of refrigeration can get a free refrigerator under the USDA’s Energy Star Refrigerator Program, also known as the Food Purchase and Distribution program. 

As part of this program, the USDA will actually buy you a new refrigerator if you qualify under their income guidelines. The best news? You don’t have to spend any money upfront. Here’s how it works!

Refrigerators are essential tools to help keep your food fresh and ready to eat at all times. 

They can be so expensive, though, that they’re out of reach for many low-income families, leaving them with subpar refrigerators that cause their food to spoil too quickly. 

Thankfully, there are now programs that provide low-income families with free refrigerators in order to help them keep their food fresh without breaking the bank. 

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While your regular fridge does the job just fine, those in the low-income bracket may not have access to one. 

If you’re looking to help improve the lives of those in need, and you have an extra refrigerator lying around, consider donating it through a free refrigerator program. Donating your old refrigerator is an easy way to help someone out without having to spend money or time, so let’s take a look at some of the most popular programs below!

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What Are Free Refrigerators For Low-Income Families?

Many families are in need of refrigerators and don’t have the money to buy one. Programs like Letgo offer free refrigerators, but you need to know how you qualify first. 

Check out this list of places where you can get free refrigerators:-

  • Society of St. Vincent De Paul, 
  • Churches that Offer Free Refrigeration, 
  • Salvation Army, 
  • Non-Government Programs, 
  • Federal Weatherization Assistance Program
  • Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program.  
  • Department of Energy Weatherization Program 

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How To Get The Free Refrigerator?

Receiving free refrigerators through Craigslist, Freecycle, and LADWP’s Refrigerator Exchange Program. You may also want to contact local organizations or churches that are open on the weekends or offer services such as food boxes.

Liheap free refrigerator

They might have a fridge or freezer in their pantry that you can use during your weekdays. 

There are also other ways to get the fridge besides waiting in line at the store which might not be available due to extreme weather conditions like power outages or natural disasters. 

Check with any of your neighbors if they have an extra fridge they no longer need and ask them if you can borrow it until you can buy one of your own. 

Finally, try searching online for free refrigerators near me using Google maps which will show all nearby charities that give away donated appliances including refrigerators. Quite a couple of days ago some people also get Free Air Conditioner From The Government.

How To Get A Free Refrigerator For Low Income Families?

Refrigerators are expensive and can be difficult to get your hands on when living in poverty. If you’re looking to get one, then you may qualify for low-income refrigerators through government programs, churches, and other organizations.

Some examples of these programs are the Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP), LADWP’s refrigerator exchange program, and Letgo’s free appliances. 

For more information on how to get a fridge of your own, check out our comprehensive guide on how to do it.

How To Apply For The Program?

Applications are currently being accepted for the Letgo Free Appliance Program, which provides low-income families with a refrigerator.

You must provide proof that you live in Los Angeles and have been on the LA Department of Water and Power’s (LADWP) waiting list for 1 year or more to qualify. 

The process is fairly simple and applicants need to fill out a form, attach an ID and picture ID, as well as proof of residence (i.e., utility bill). 

The applicant will be notified when their application is approved or denied. 

Applications are open from May 1 – September 30th at the Westchester Service Center.

 For more information, visit Letgo or LADWP.

What Are The Eligibility Requirements?

You can qualify to receive a refrigerator through the government if you have a low income or are at risk of hunger. The requirements vary by state, but most states require that you have an EBT card or WIC program. 

You may also be eligible if you are disabled, elderly, homeless, living in public housing, or participating in SNAP (food stamp) and/or TANF (cash assistance) programs.  

You’ll also need a copy of your last electric bill to prove your address with LADWP (L.A. Department of Water and Power). If you don’t know where your utility bill is, call them! It’s free and they will give you the information over the phone. 

All applicants must meet certain criteria in order to apply: 

-The applicant’s total household income must not exceed 200% of federal poverty guidelines; 

What Are The Required Paperwork for Free Refrigerators?

The process differs from state to state, so we can’t give you an exact answer here. Each program has its own application process and policies. 

However, most programs require that you apply at your local social service office (food stamp center) and bring in certain documents to verify your eligibility, such as;

  • Verification of income if you are applying on behalf of children.
  • Proof of identification.
  • An electric bill if you’re applying through LADWP’s program or written proof that you already have a refrigerator. 
  • Most applications take just minutes to complete. Once they receive your application and confirm that it’s valid, they will send someone out with refrigerators in 1-2 days. 

How To Get Free Appliances From Government?

To be eligible for free appliances from the government there are different programs depending on what your needs are. 

For example, churches that offer free refrigerators for low-income families will often set up food pantries where they provide groceries as well as clothes and other basic necessities. 

There are even groups like the Salvation Army which provides a variety of services including food banks with refrigerators available. Other options include finding free refrigerators on furniture banks, craigslist, or even Freecycle. 

To find out more about how I qualify for a free refrigerator For Low-Income Families Programs?, contact your local DWP office or city hall.

Non-Profit Organizations That Help For Free Refrigerators

Freecycle is an online network of people who are giving (or getting) away items they don’t want anymore. It’s 100% free, and 100% legal. 

You just post what you have to give away and then other members will respond if they’re interested in what you have. 

The LADWP’s Refrigerator Exchange Program provides residents with the service of exchanging their old refrigerator for a new one at no charge. 

Participants must meet certain eligibility requirements in order to participate, such as having a utility account with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP). 

There are some more organizations that help in providing free refrigerators for low-income family are mentioned below 

Churches That Offer Free Refrigerator For low income Families

In partnership with LADWP’s Refrigerator exchange program, churches in the area have been providing low-income families with free refrigerators. 

The refrigerator exchange program is designed to keep old appliances out of landfills by recycling and repurposing them. These refrigerators often come from people who are upgrading or moving, so they are still in great shape. 

The church then provides the used refrigerators to families who need one but cannot afford to buy one themselves. This has proven to be an excellent way of getting needed items into the hands of those who might not otherwise have access to them.

Churches that Offer Free Refrigerators to Low-Income Families:-

  1. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, is located at 3600 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90010. 
  2. Saint Vincent de Paul Parish, located at 1411 W 117th St., Los Angeles, CA 90007 
  3. United Methodist Church at 2700 W Manchester Blvd., Santa Monica, CA 90407 
  4. First Presbyterian Church of Beverly Hills, located at 9079 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles 90048 
  5. Trinity Episcopal Church in Santa Monica at 307 Arizona Ave., Santa Monica 90402

6 Ways To Get Free Refrigerator For Low Income Families

LADWP’s Refrigerator Exchange Program

Did you know that the LADWP’s Refrigerator Exchange Program (REP) provides qualifying low-income families with energy-efficient refrigerators at no cost? 

The REP is funded by a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), which is awarded through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Markets Division. 

Qualifying families include those who receive Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or CalFresh benefits. 

If you live in Los Angeles and are currently on LIHEAP or CalFresh, please contact LADWP to find out if you qualify for this great program!

Did you know that the LADWP’s Refrigerator Exchange Program (REP) provides qualifying low-income families with energy-efficient refrigerators at no cost? 

The REP is funded by a grant from the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP), which is awarded through the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Air Markets Division. 

Qualifying families include those who receive Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) or CalFresh benefits. If you live in Los Angeles and are currently on LIHEAP or CalFresh, please contact LADWP to find out if you qualify for this great program!

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP)

The Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) is a program that provides low-income people with the opportunity to get free refrigerators.  

In order to qualify, households must have income below 150% of the poverty level or be a recipient of public assistance benefits, such as Food Stamps, Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC), and Medicaid. 

The refrigerator exchange program offers consumers the option of upgrading their existing refrigerator in exchange for their old unit, which will be recycled by LADWP’s Resource Recovery Program.

Free Refrigerator From The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is partnering with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) to provide low-income families in need with refrigerators. 

You must live in an LADWP service area, be on a low-income rate plan, and have no other access to refrigeration facilities at home. 

The program will provide qualified applicants with a free refrigerator and installation as long as they meet the requirements. 

Qualified applicants are also eligible to receive additional assistance from the Salvation Army by way of financial assistance or resources such as food boxes or air conditioning units. 

To apply for this program, please contact your local LADWP office.

Free Refrigerators In Freecycle

Many people are looking to buy or sell items and you can find everything from furniture, electronics, cars, and even free refrigerators in the Freecycle group. 

It is all up to you on what item you want, but make sure that your posts are well-written and detailed.  The website recommends that you also post where you live so people know how far they will have to travel. 

They say it’s important to post a contact phone number as well. For those interested, you may go online and find more information about refrigerator exchange programs. 

Free Refrigerators On Craigslist

Craigslist is another option that allows you to get the refrigerator from them. You can search for free refrigerators in your area and then set up an appointment to take it home with you.  

You can also donate the old refrigerator you are getting rid of at the same time. Craigslist has its own Refrigerator Exchange Program which it will pick up your old, working fridge and replace it with a new one. 

They work closely with social service agencies to provide this program for low-income families who need help getting one. Craigslist does not offer cash payments but instead works with local organizations to provide a fridge swap.

When requesting a swap through their appliance exchange website, people are given two options: 

  • The first is the standard swap which replaces your current fridge with one of equal size and cost or 
  • The second gives you three choices of different-sized fridges- large family size or smaller options- by using payment vouchers or by paying extra out-of-pocket costs on top of the average cost. 

All three sizes have both upper and bottom freezer options.

Society of St. Vincent De Paul

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul is a Catholic lay organization that provides human and spiritual services to the poor and people in need. 

Every day we meet the needs of individuals, families, and communities by providing food, clothing, and shelter; promoting justice by advocating on behalf of those who are unjustly marginalized; providing education by helping each person to fulfill their full potential.  

This refrigerator exchange program enables low-income households to have access to refrigerators at little or no cost. 

It has helped over 130,000 Angelenos with appliances and access to food which assists them in reducing hunger and improving health outcomes. 

There are multiple ways you can donate refrigerators including:-

  • Through volunteers taking the donated appliances directly from your home or office; 
  • Drop off your donated appliance at one of many donation sites throughout Los Angeles County; 
  • Place it curbside for pickup with any trash collection company.


LADWP’s Refrigerator Exchange program is an example of the many ways in which Los Angeles provides essential services to low-income families. 

The program enables people who qualify for free or reduced-rate utility service to receive a new refrigerator at no cost. 

This not only helps the family have access to healthy foods, but it also reduces their energy bills and helps them save money on food. You can find out if you qualify by applying to these programs. 

These are some places where you can go to apply:-

  1. In Your Neighborhood – If there is a Food 4 Less grocery store near your house, they offer all sorts of assistance programs that may be able to help with getting a refrigerator. 
  2. Community Center – If you live close to a community center that offers social services then ask what type of assistance they offer. Some centers offer home visits so that they can assess how much support your family needs before deciding whether or not you’re eligible for any given program. 
  3. Affordable Housing Communities – If someone living in your building has applied for these types of housing then ask about what type of benefits come with living there such as getting appliances for free like refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LADWP’s Refrigerator exchange program?

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s Refrigerator Exchange Program (REP) was established in 1992 as a service to low-income households who can no longer afford their refrigerators but don’t have the funds to purchase a new one.

How can I get a fridge with no money?

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has a Refrigerator exchange program that provides low-income families with free refrigerators.

Does PG&E give refrigerators?

This assistance program can include installing insulation, repairing or replacing furnaces, water heaters, and the like, using energy-efficient lights, replacing showerheads, and installing caulking to seal potential air leaks in the home.

What can you do with an old refrigerator?

In the first place, if your old fridge is in good working order, you can donate it to a friend, neighbor, or family member.

Who picks up old appliances near me?

For junk removal, contact 1-800-468-5865. Save yourself time and stress by letting us handle all lifting, loading, and disposal!

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